Previous release – QuickPlan Pro for iPad 7.0

(This release is for iPad edition only)

The large iPad and Multitasking are the features we are waiting long for our business apps,  the new version for iPad is to optimize the app for iPad Pro, with iOS9 multitasking support.

  • Optimized for iPad Pro
  • iOS9 multitasking support
  • Sending people information from OrgChart to QuickPlan
    • Open QuickPlan and OrgChart together (iOS9 multitasking)
    • Open the organization chart and the project you want to copy people information
    • Tap on a department in OrgChart, and then Tap the “Send to QuickPlan” menu
    • QuickPlan will show a popup window, tap “+” button to add the received people information as a new project member.



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Fünf Sterne Bewertung


AWARD – Best Business App

QuickPlan Pro for iPad, the 7th Annual Awards Winner for Best Business App (third place) –