Previous update – QuickPlan Pro for iPhone 3.1

We’ve spent the last few months making a ton of awesome enhancements to QuickPlan – to delivery an easier, faster and more intuitive project planning app.


Please pay attention to the gesture changes:
  • Change task sequence 
    • Before version 6.0, the gesture only works on Gantt chart view – move up/down the selected task. 
    • QuickPlan 6.0, the gesture works on outline and Gantt chart views – HOLD then move up/down any task line (no need to select task first)


  1. Optimised for iPhone 6 (AND on iPhone 6 plus,  when landscape view the maintenance experience is similar as on iPad)
  2. Auto iCloud sync – Automatic synchronising projects across multiple devices via iCloud
  3. Extended task cost column – includes labor cost, materials cost and total cost, and labor cost can be input manually or calculated by work and resource cost rate
  4. Project resource enhancement – photo, email and cost rate (cost per hour)
  5. Project property – Currency, default daily working hours, and option of currency format.
  6. Excel importing – import project from MS Excel file
  7. Exporting as WBS file (WBS file importing was included in previous version)
  8. Export as “.qpp” file – For synchronisation and sharing projects. Before QuickPlan 6.0, MS project .xml format is used to share project across devices, the .xml file only includes the pure task information (as to compatible with MS project). Using .qpp file, more project properties will by shared, such as tile cover image, color, project resource images and etc.
  9. Share via Email enhancement – Help to delivery project to team: new option to send partial project to specific project members, the partial project will only includes tasks related to the specific project members.
  10. Export options improvements for exporting as PDF file and exporting as Excel file
  11. Two task link behaviours option to users – one is common FS behaviour, one is “linking tasks” behaviour (linking tasks means all linked task will move together)
  12. 4 outline levels (totally 8 outline levels with sub projects)
  13. Importing from MS project .xml file will importing 8 outline levels (automatically create sub projects)
  14. Covert sub project as task group (if outline level < 4)
  15. Divide task as multiple tasks.
  16. Switch to display task in small row height
  17. Frozen and scrollable columns in outline view
  18. Move task (change task sequence) across group
  19. Customize weekday abbr.
  20. Automatic backup to Dropbox and iTunes
  21. UI enhancements – some small enhancements



New user guide video

Online user guide
Website been re-constructed includes the new online user guide (the screenshots in the user manual web pages are majorly from QuickPlan for iPad, the operation in QuickPlan for iPhone is similar)



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