Task columns
  1. No
    • Sequence no – the sequence no of task, start from 1.
    • WBS no – the WBS no of task, with format like “1.2.1”
  2. Name
  3. Start date
  4. Finish date
  5. Duration
    • Duration with non-working day. There is option for the users to customize if need show this duration
    • Duration without non-working day (only working days).
  6. % complete – http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/project-help/percent-complete-fields-HP001024590.aspx?CTT=5&origin=HA010236930
  7. Target % complete – this column is calculated by QuickPlan,  to shown the target % complete by the end of yesterday.
  8. Resource – task resource assignment
  9. Work – task work can be manually input or calculated by the task duration and assigned resource
    • Manually input: the work equals the input
    • Calculated: the work = working days * daily working hours * daily assigned resource
  10. Physical % complete – http://office.microsoft.com/en-001/project-help/physical-percent-complete-task-field-HP043008313.aspx
  11. Contact – contact column is used to specify the extra information about task owner.
  12. Labor cost – labor cost can be input manually or calculated automatically
    • Manually input: labor cost = input cost
    • Calculated: labor cost = sum of each resource cost = sum of each resource ( work * resource cost rate)
  13. Materials cost – non labor cost, by input manually
  14. Total cost – calculated column = labor cost + materials cost
  15. Predecessor – assistant column to list the WBS No. of all the predecessor tasks
  16. Successor– assistant column to list the WBS No. of all the successor tasks
  17. Icon – used to specify the task status, it’s up to the user to define the purpose.



The column title and visibility in outline view can be customized

  • Tap on header of outline view to edit task column title
  • Long press on the header of outline view to change the visibility of task columns
  • (QuickPlan for iPad) Tap on the “name” column in the header of outline view, to choose which no (WBS no or sequence no) to display.