Export project as .qpp file and share via iTunes:

Project can be exported to iTunes (on iOS device), and the exported .qpp file on iOS device can be accessed from iTunes on PC and Mac. And project in iTunes can be imported into QuickPlan as a new project

  • Export to iTunes
  • Access from iTunes on PC and Mac – manually save project to PC and Mac, and manually send project to the app on iOS device via iTunes
    Connect iOS device with PC or Mac, run iTunes on the PC or Mac, and navigate to the “apps” tab.  Read more from Apple knowledge base
  • Projects in iTunes (on the document folder of iOS device) can be imported as a new project


The project file (.qpp) can be saved to PC and MAC manually via iTunes, then we can share the .qpp file to other devices via Email, cloud apps and also via iTunes
iTunes sharing is designed for the situation that there is no network access to share project