Share project as .qpp file via email:

  1. Send by QuickPlan, to share whole project or partial project
  2. Send by iOS share panel, to share whole project

And QuickPlan supports to “open” .qpp file from email directly


Following screenshots is from QuickPlan for iPad, the steps for QuickPlan for iPhone are similar

1. Send project by QuickPlan

Via email, project can be sent out to other devices, for  sharing project to team members or to your other devices. There are options:

  • Whole project
  • Partial project – specify the project members, and the project will only includes the tasks belong to the specified project members, for delivery project to project team.

1.1 Start sharing via Email



1.2 Select to share whole project or partial project



1.3 If select to share whole project, the shared project will be same

1.4 If select to share partial project

– 1.4.1 select the project members.


– 1.4.2 Then send out project.


– 1.4.3 The shared project will only include tasks with specified members assigned.



2. Send by iOS share panel

Project can be sent out via iOS share panel directly, whole project will be sent WITHOUT exporting option.

  1. Export as “QuickPlan project file(.qpp)
  2. Tap email activity on the iOS share panel


3. Import project from email

Long press on the .qpp file in email, then open in QuickPlan to import the project.