Export project as .qpp file and share via Box (http://www.box.com):

  1. Access Box directly by exporting/Importingby QuickPlan
  2. Share via Box iOS app


Following screenshots is from QuickPlan for iPad, the steps for QuickPlan for iPhone are similar

◉ Access Box directly from QuickPlan

QuickPlan is able to link with your Box, and store the projects to the “QuickPlan” folder of your Box (QuickPlan will not access any other folders) . Project can be directly uploaded to the Box and be download from Box when importing, QuickPlan will takes care the network communication, users don’t need to know the details.

Please make sure you have a Box account. The first time when sharing project via Box, you will be asked to link QuickPlan with your Box.

  1. Exporting
    • Tap the Box sharing menu
      box1QuickPlan will ask to link with Box at the first time
    • Specify the project name and start to sharing
    • Project will be uploaded to “QuickPlan” folder of your Box
      Notes: it may take seconds to minutes to upload (up to network situation)
  2. Importing
    • In home view, tap on project creation tile, and tap on “Import from Box” menu
    • QuickPlan will list all the exported projects for selecting, select projects to be imported
    • Selected Project will be imported
  • Using same Box account on multiple devices, you can share project on multiple devices of yourself
  • Using same Box account across team, the project can be shared easily across your team members.


Imported project is one COPY of the original project, to keep project be SAME on multiple devices, please sync via iCloud (for same iCloud account only)


◉ Sharing via Box cloud iOS app

  1. Exporting
    • Export project as .qpp file
    • Tap “Open in” menu
    • Box activity will show if Box cloud iOS app installed on the device. Then tap on Box cloud activity to upload .qpp file manually (to any Box folder).
  2. Importing – Open Box app and navigate to the .qpp file (uploaded manually), then open the .qpp file in QuickPlan