QuickPlan supports to manage multiple projects, organised in project groups in home view


Project groups
  • Tap on the project group name in home view

    • Tap on “Create new group” menu to create ANOTHER new project group
    • Tap on the “Sequence” menu to change project group display sequence
    • And the project name is editable
    • If there is no project exists in current project group, the project group can be removed


Project lifecycle


Duplicate project

Project can be duplicated to a new project, for the purposes of:

  • Project template – Duplicate whole project to a new project
  • Communication with team member – Create partial project to include tasks related to the specific project members

– Best practice for create project from template (by “duplicating project”)

  • Tap on the project tile property info icon on the project tile
  • Change the “project start date” and duplicate to a new project
  • Open the new project to edit other project properties

– Partial project also can be duplicated from existing project, there is option to select project members, the tasks in the duplicated project will only includes the tasks related to specific project members.

  • Original project
  • Duplicated project for specific project member (John)

Project tile display properties

Project tile can be moved to other group, and the sequence in the group can be changed. Also the display color and cover image can be changed.