Tap the project name on the toolbar to edit project properties.


Project name and notes
  • Update the project name and notes in project property popover (display as preceding image)
  • Project name can also be changed at home view -Tap on tile info icon then to edit project name.

Project start date
  • Tap on the “START” menu in project property popover to change project start date (project “FINISH” date is automatically calculated based on project tasks)
  • Project start date can also be easily to changed by gesture:  Move left/right on the timeline in the top of Gantt chart view

Daily working hours

The daily working hours of current project, which is same for all the working days in same project. (Specify the resource assignment rate for some special working days)

Daily working hours will impact the

  • Task work: calculated work = daily working hours * working days * assigned resource
  • Task labor cost: automatic labor cost is based on task work.

Default cost per hour

“Default cost per hour” is used for the project members, if the cost rate of the project member is not specified, the cost rate will be the default value.

Also the cost rate (cost per hour) will impact the calculation of “task labor cost”

Currency symbol

Change the project symbol for project task cost. Also the cost display cost can be customized (display like “100 $” or “$ 100”)

Project members

Tap for more details about project member creation, updating and removing

Project calendar

Set project working and non-working day,  more …

Task link behaviour

How the task link impact task rescheduling, more …


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