Task link behaviours

Tasks can be linked for creating date changing constraints. QuickPlan supports two task link behaviours (constraints):

  • Finish to Start – Like the traditional “Finish to Start” task link, define the constraints: The finish date of predecessor task can’t be later than the start date of the successor task.

    • Moving predecessor task, if the end date of predecessor task will be changed to be later than the start date of successor task, the start date of successor task will be changed, for the complains of the constraint
    • Moving successor task will not impact the predecessor task
    • For this behaviour, one task can have more than one predecessor and successor tasks
  • Linked tasks – Linked tasks are connected together, moving one task in the connected tasks, other tasks will be moved together.

    • For this behaviour, one task can only have one predecessor and one successor task.
    • This behaviour is more natural, but is not normal.


 Set project task link behaviour

Tap the project name on the toolbar to edit project properties.



then tap on the “Task link behaviour” menu



Notes, for the behaviour of “task linking list”, only one predecessor and one success task allowed – that means if need change behaviour from “finish to start” to “linking list”, some task links will be removed without undo support (Suggest to duplicate as a new project for testing).