QuickPlan supports to export project as Microsoft project plan file (in xml format), the file can be imported by Microsoft project. Microsoft project plan file can be saved as xml file on PC, and QuickPlan can import the .xml file as new project.

☀︎Export to Microsoft project

  1. Export project as Microsoft Project file in xml format – Open a project and export to Dropbox
  2. Then transfer the .xml file to PC (for example via Email, Airdrop or 3rd cloud apps)
  3. Run Microsoft Project, then click the “Open” menu to open the xml file (need specify to open “xml format”) , then click “Open” button
  4. Select “As a new project” option, then click “Finish” button.
    Then we get the project been imported:
  5. MPPImportSuccess


MS project request the encoding of the xml file should be unicode, but sometimes, when a xml file be sent by email or be transferred by cloud service, the file encoding will be changed (out of the control of QuickPlan).  To fix it:

  • Open the xml file in notepad of windows 
  • “Save as” menu in notepad -> Select the encoding to unicode
  • Then import it in MS project file

☀︎Import from Microsoft Project

The first 8 levels of tasks in Microsoft project will be imported – first 4 levels in main project, tasks in outline level 5 to 8 will be imported into sub projects.

  1. On PC, Open a project in Microsoft Project, then click “Save as” menu to save the file as xml format
  2. Transfer the xml file to iOS device (via Email, Airdrop or 3rd cloud apps)
  3. For example the xml file transferred to iOS device via email.
    Long press on the attached file, then select “Open in QuickPlan Pro”
  4. Then we will get the project been imported.