QuickPlan supports to import mind map file (in .opml format) created by iThoughts app as a new project. QuickPlan supports to import .opml file sending directly fromiThoughts or sharing via email, Dropbox or other 3rd apps.

(For the standard edition “QuickPlan – Project Plan HD”, this is in-app purchase feature)

Following the steps demonstrate how to import directly from iThoughts

  • Open a mind map file
  • Export as .opml file and send to QuickPlan
    opml2 opml3
  • Project imported


QuickPlan helps to change task duration very easily by gestures, the common practice to maintain project tasks after imported from iThoughts mind map:

    1. Update project start date – Pan left/right on timeline, or tap on the project name on toolbar to change project start date
    2. Update date of task group – Tap with two fingers to collapse all task groups, then move the task bar to update task group date
    3. Update task date and properties – Gesture on the taskbar in Gantt chart, or change task date in outline view and update panel

Note: “opml” file does not includes all the information in iThought map, some information will be lost, such as color, icon and etc.