QuickPlan supports to import new project from MS Excel file.



  1. Download the MS Excel template file
  2. Input task content in the Excel file using the Microsoft Excel (Apple number is not supported)
  3. Send the Excel file to iOS devices with QuickPlan installed, then open the Excel file in QuickPlan

  • How to send file from PC/Mac to iOS device
    • Send file via email
    • Upload file to Dropbox or other 3rd cloud storage service, then open the file in the related cloud storage app for iOS
    • Connect iOS device with iTunes on PC/Mac, then copy data to iOS device
    • OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) supports to transfer file to iOS device via Airdrop
  • Notes: QuickPlan supports to export project as MS Excel file, please pay attention, the format of the exported Excel file is NOT same as the MS Excel template file.