Project will be automatically backup after updating (and project view been closed)

  • All projects will be backup to iTunes (there is a folder “backup” at iOS app document folder), to access the project, please connect iOS device with PC/Mac to access the files via iTunes. Connect iOS device with PC or Mac, run iTunes on the PC or Mac, and navigate to the “apps” tab .  Read more at Apple knowledge base  (please pay attention that uninstalling QuickPlan will remove all the files in the app document folder)itunes4
  • Enable project “Backup to Dropbox”, the project will be backup to “Apps/QuickPlan/Backup” folder of your dropbox. (Uninstalling QuickPlan on iOS device will not remove the files on Dropbox)

    After project been updated, the project will be uploaded to Dropbox automatically (it may take seconds to minutes after closed the project). Please make sure QuickPlan has linked with your Dropbox (how to check? just export a project to Dropbox to test it)


The backup project file (.qpp) can be imported as a new project, see more about project sharing



Best practices:

– Please enable “Auto sync via iCloud” for the projects, this feature will help to sync projects across multiple devices of same iCloud account, AND it will also be useful for backup as the projects will be sync to iCloud after project been updated.

– If you want keep multiple versions of one project, suggest to manually upload the project to Dropbox or Box cloud when needed – when uploading, please specific another project name, for example a project “dev plan”, we can upload a copy to cloud storage with name “dev plan – version 1”.

– It will be good to backup the files in the “Apps/QuickPlan” folder of your Dropbox when needed.

Duplicate project as other project will be an good choice when you want to test some features.


Notes:  The old backup function (manually backup all projects together) in previous version has be removed.