Following the solution is for the versions before QuickPlan 8.0 only. From version 8.0, QuickPlan start to support sync via iCloud Drive, Learn more.

Project can be automatically synchronized across multiple devices(iPad, iPhone) via iCloud. To sync projects via iCloud, please make sure:

1. iCloud enabled
2. Same iCloud account on multiple devices
3. iOS 8 introduced “iCloud drive” feature, if “iCloud drive” be enabled on one device, it should also be enabled on other devices

Notes: The project synchronized via iCloud will be the SAME project on multiple devices; if the project is imported via other sharing channel (email, dropbox, airdrop, box and etc.), the imported project is another COPY of the source project.

Enable project auto sync

The project will be automatically uploaded to iCloud and sync to other devices if “Auto sync” been enabled for the project.

  • In project view
    • on iPad
    • on iPhone

  • In home view
    • on iPad
    • on iPhone
      autosync3  autosync4

After the “auto sync” been enabled, project tile in home view will show a “cloud” icon




After project content been changed and the project view closed, project will be sync to other devices via iCloud – it will take minutes to hours according to the network situation (backend network communication is coordinated by iOS).

On other devices, when the changed project has been synchronised ready, the “cloud” icon on the project tile in home view will be changed to notify the user.


Tap on the project tile to open it, the user will has chance to choice if need or not need to replace local project by the changed copy.


Load projects from iCloud

At beginning, project is created on one device and only exist on the device. After “auto sync” enabled, the project will be stored on the iCloud. On other devices, the users can choose if need to load the project or not. To load the project on other device:

Tap the “+” tile on home view, and then load the projects from iCloud.