What’s the best practice to create a plan quickly?

As the video shows:

  • Input task name continuously -> Swipe left/right on task in outline view to update task outline level -> Move task on Gantt chart to update task date -> Double tap on task bar to update properties
  • Draft tasks in email on PC, send to iPad, then paste text into the batch inputing dialog in QuickPlan
  • Draft tasks in Microsoft Excel file, and import into QuickPlan as a new project. Read more about Excel Importing …
  • Duplicate an existing project.
  • Load project from iCloud, and import project from Dropbox, Box and iTunes. Read more about project sync and project sharing
What’s the difference of standard and pro editions.?

Except some in-app purchase features in “QuickPlan for iPad”, the standard edition(QuickPlan for iPad) and pro edition(QuickPlan Pro for iPad) provide same functionalities.
We encourage the user to download the pro edition, as the pro version will always include all the features future. The standard edition is additional purchase option if the user does not need the advanced features – synchorization, shareing, exporting and integration.

Task is not visible in Gantt Chart?
  • Double tap on Gantt chart, the task on the tapped line will be selected AND be moved to be visible in the Gantt chart.
  • Or select the task at outline view, the selected task will be moved to be visible if needed.
How to backup?
  • Please set the project property to automatically backup project to Dropbox
  • If project “Auto Sync” via iCloud enabled, the updated project will be uploaded to iCloud
  • Manually export your projects to Dropbox, Box cloud storage, or Send by email, or Save to iTunes
  • You can import projects from Dropbox, Box, Email and iTunes later.
How to quickly move the timeline in the Gantt chart to TODAY?

Double tap on the timeline (at top of Gantt chart)

How to quickly scroll the Gantt chart to TOP?

Double tap on empty space of toolbar.

How can I create project based on templates?

Every project can be a template. Project can be duplicated as a new project, with options to specify the project start date

Our practice is to create a project group for all the common projects we may use them as templates

How to change project start date?

PAN at the timeline (at top of Gantt chart). Or Tap on the project name on toolbar to update project properties. Read more

How to share projects across multiple devices (iPad/iPhone) and across teams?

Please see the user guide

Please visit the user manual of project sync and project sharing web pages

How to import from Microsoft Excel?
  • QuickPlan supports to import project from Excel file, please read the user manual for details.
  • QuickPlan suports to import Mobilinked WBS data as a new project, and Mobilinked WBS supports to import from MS Excel file
How to share project between QuickPlan and Microsoft Project?

Please see the details about Microsoft project integration

Failed to open .xml file in MS project?

MS project request the encoding of the xml file should be unicode, but sometimes, when a xml file be sent by email or be transferred by cloud service, the file encoding may be changed (out of the control of QuickPlan).  To fix it:

  • Open the xml file in notepad of windows 
  • “Save as” menu in notepad -> Select the encoding to unicode
  • Then import it in MS project file
Can left panel been hide?

Tap or move on the splitter button between left(outline) and right(Gantt chart) panels.

Can task group been collapsed?
  • Tap (one finger) on the triangle icon near task in Gantt chart or in outline views
  • Tap with TWO fingers on Gantt chart to collapse/expand all task groups together.
Will QuickPlan has all the functionalities of Microsoft Project ?

QuickPlan fine-tunes the best useful functionalities for the iOS.

  • QuickPlan will balance the functionalities and user experience, to delivery best app on iPad and iPhone for you to maintenance multiple projects easily.
  • QuickPlan supports 4 outline task levels (include sub project, totally 8 outline level), export and import, integration with Microsoft Project, cloud storage ;
  • QuickPlan has SUB PROJECT feature, which will help to organize the project tasks BETTER
  • Your ideas is very important for us to prioritize the feature in development plan
QuickPlan is very strong on Exporting/Importing, is there a diagram for it

Integration 1024

Anything else ?

Watch the video and check the user manual or send us email