Update: The fix (version 6.0.1) has completed and be submitted to Appstore for review, after it gone live, the hidden projects will back, please don’t uninstall QuickPlan from your iPad, uninstalling app will remove the data in the app. 


We are so sorry to let you know that after migrated to QuickPlan for iPad 6.0, existed projects be hidden on some devices. The projects are STILL ON THE iPAD, we are working a hotfix and will try to release it ASAP.

  • Please DO NOT UNINSTALL QuickPlan from your iPad, after the new hotfix (next version), the projects will display.
  • If you have uploaded your projects to Dropbox or Box cloud, you can still import the projects into QuickPlan 6.0
  • This problem will not impact on the new created projects.
If you need to get the project urgently, would you please help to check following solutions? 

Solution 1: Please check if you have manually exported the projects to Dropbox or Box, if so, you can import the projects again

Solution 2: Please contact our supporter to manually restore the projects. Before send email to us, please help to check following:

  • If you have linked QuickPlan with Dropbox before migrated to QuickPlan 6.0, QuickPlan will automatically backup your projects to Dropbox at “Apps/QuickPlan/AutoBackup” folder of your dropbox, please send us the last backup file, we will help to get the projects to you.
  • Or if you have manually backup all projects to Dropbox, the backup file will be at “Apps/QuickPlan/ManualBackup” folder of your dropbox , please send us the last backup file, we will help to get the projects to you.
  • If you did not link QuickPlan with Dropbox before, please help to get the QuickPlan database file from the iPad, and send us the .db file.
    1. Install iExplorer (http://www.macroplant.com/iexplorer/) on PC/Mac
    2. Connect iPad with PC/Mac, and open iExplore
    3. Save the .db file to PC/Mac
      (the file is at “Apps/QuickPlan Pro/Library/Database”)

QuickPlan 6.0 is a big migration, we hope it will be much more valuable for the users. Unfortunately this problem – Sorry, we will try our best to get the next version ready to fix it.