Maintain project on multiple devices and share project to work with team.

Automatically synchronize project across multiple devices via iCloud for maintaining project on multiple devices; Share projects to multiple devices and to other users by importing/exporting project via Airdrop, Email, Dropbox, Box, iTunes and 3rd party cloud apps.


Automatic synchronization via iCloud

For the needs for same user to access project from multiple devices, QuickPlan supports to sync project across multiple devices automatically via iCloud. There are also options for the use to enable the project for auto sync and select if need or not to replace local copy by iCloud version.



There are indicator on the project tile to show the iCloud sync status – Cloud icon will display on the project tile if auto sync enabled:



When project been synchronized to other devices, cloud icon will changed to notify the user.




Share project to other devices of the same user or other users

Project can be easily shared to other devices via QuickPlan inner sharing functions, or shared by iOS shared panel. QuickPlan provides direct sharing functions to share project as .qpp file directly via Email, Dropbox, Box and iTunes.



To help delivering project to project team, partial project can be shared via Email, the shared project will only include the tasks with specific project members been assigned.



It’s very easy to share project out, just tap on the sharing buttons, QuickPlan will helps to upload/store/send the project to the destination




Projects can be imported to other devices easily in the home view.



Or imported project by “open in” function of iOS via Email, third party cloud apps.


Also the project can be shared via iOS activity centre – via AirDrop and “Open in” other apps

(Please visit about AirDrop sharing)