Manage multiple projects – display as project tile and organized in project groups, support project importing and duplication.  Project tasks are organized in task groups and child projects, and be laid out in outline and Gantt chart views.

Projects management

  • Multiple projects organized in project groups, display as project tile in the clean user interface. Easy to change project group, display sequence and update the properties of project groups.
  • Supports to create new empty project,  load project from iCloud, import from Dropbox, Box and iTunes
  • Supports to open Microsoft Excel, QuickPlan data (.qpp) file, Microsoft project (.xml) file and Mind map file in QuickPlan
  • Customize project tile color and cover image
  • Support project duplication (act as template), duplicated project can include whole and partial project.
  • Supports to batch import multiple projects

Task management


  • Project tasks are organized in task groups and child projects.
    Tasks in group can be moved (change date and sequence) together – REAL group, not only tasks in different outline levels
    Support multiple child projects in one main project, the child projects are standalone AND also are part of the main project.
  • Flexible maintenance – Maintain tasks in outline, Gantt chart and updating panels
    1. Outline and Gantt chart (with moveable splitter) panels – the default layout
    2. Outline and updating panels
    3. Gantt chart and updating panels
    4. Gantt chart panel only
    5. Outline panel only
  • Lock updating – project can be locked to disable updating
  • Support to display tasks in small row height
  • Task columns
    • No (Sequence no and WBS no)
    • Name
    • Date and duration
    • % complete and target % complete
    • Resource
    • Work
    • Physical % complete
    • Contact
    • Cost (labor cost, materials cost and total cost)
    • Predecessors and Successors
    • Icon
    • Type (task, milestone, sub project)
  • Task link maintenance by gestures
  • Batch task inputing
  • Gestures for updating and operation.