It’s a big challenge to develop a creative app on iOS device, for heavy data maintenance needs on the touchable devices. QuickPlan uses gestures to make project planing easier, faster and more efficient.


Please watch the feature videos at Youtube for more details about the gestures use in QuickPlan for iPad and QuickPlan for iPhone.

Natural gestures are using for:

  • Task property editing
  • Project property editing
  • Operations

 gesture1 gesture2
Task property maintenance
  • Task Outline Level – Swipe Left/Right on the task name at left panel
  • Task Sequence – Hold and move Up/Down on selected task and group
  • Task Time – Pan Left/Right on selected task and group
    • Pan at left part of task bar to change star time
    • Pan at right part of task bar to change finish time
    • Pan at middle of task bar to change start and finish time together
    • Pan at task group to change all the times of child tasks in the group
  • Task properties
    • Tap on the task fields of left panel to update tapped task field
    • Double tap on task bar to update task properties
Project property maintenance
  • Project Start Time – Pan on timeline to change project start time
Maintenance operations
  • Task Creation – Tap at bottom to input new directly
  • Task group collapse/expand
    • Tap on trigle icon of task group for dedicate task group
    • Tap with two fingers on Gantt chart to collapse/expand task groups with same outline level
  • Tap on task to focus task
  • Double Tap on empty space to move task to center
  • Double Tap on timeline to move Today be center
  • Double Tap on toolbar to scroll Gantt chart to top
  • Pinch to zoom
  • Long press on title to config column display option
  • Long press on timeline to set working and non-working day