Our new domain name for QuickPlan.

For first game of historic man vs machine match, we have the new domain name for our product QuickPlan – the best planning app for the iOS devices. 

QuickPlan makes the planning operation very easily, by gestures on a well designed clean interface, leaving more time for you to think deeply for your project – like the AlphaGo thinking how to GO. 


QuickPlan for Mac Beta5


  • ⌘⌥^ (Command + Alt + Ctrl) to show screenshots tips window in active project window (release the keys to hide the tips window)
  • And shortcuts:
    • ⇧⌥→ (Shift + Option + Right) to expand all task groups
    • ⇧⌥← (Shift + Option + Left) to collapse all task groups
    • ⌘] (Command + ]) to change task outline level (outdent)
    • ⌘[ (Command + ]) to change task outline level (indent)
  • There are some predefined lists for your quick access
    • TODAY in-progressing tasks
    • NOT COMPLETED tasks by schedule
    • Scheduled at NON-WORKING DAY tasks


  • Image exporting
  • Fullscreen supporting
  • Mouse move up/down on SNO and WBS columns to change task sequence (on other column, to change sequence, need to press command key)
  • Copy/Paste task in same project and across projects
  • Copy and Drag iCal events into QuickPlan
  • Today task tracking on multiple projects


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QuickPlan for OSX – Quick LIST

In addition of display tasks in tree structure, QuickPlan for Mac beta3 supports to display tasks in a plain LIST.

The next version, QuickPlan for Mac supports to quickly select list of

  • Today – only display today in-progressing tasks
  • Slow – only the tasks which complete rate < scheduled completed rate
  • Overdue – only the tasks which should be completed

QuickPlan for Mac Beta 3

QuickPlan for Mac beta 3 (next beta release) will support displaying tasks in LIST view with sorting/filtering support.