Mobilinked is delivering the business apps for project and management work. User centralized design is the principle for developing the intuitive and high effective apps, with deep understanding of the needs of the users.

The “business suit” app bundle includes 4 apps to help easing your business work – to organize the team, to set and track goals for performance management, to sketch out costs by breaking down works, to plan business and projects

• OrgChart – Simplify organization chart maintenance, exporting and sharing.
• GoalMaster – Goal and Performance management, for goals setting, review and assessment.
• WBS – Work break down and cost estimate.
• QuickPlan – Plan/schedule on Gantt chart, and with MS project integration supporting


Easy your management work without the complexity of drawing, calculating, merging and sharing:
– Intuitive maintaining. Natural gestures use on a clean user interface makes data maintenane easier, faster and more effcient than ever before.
– Better communicating. Well designed reports to image and PDF files (QuickPlan and WBS support to export as Excel file)
– Sharing acorss multiple devices and across team members. Apps support to share data via iCloud, Dropbox, Email, Airdrop and 3rd party apps.






Project planning app with natural gestures on Gantt chart, synchronization across multiple devices and across teams, AND supports Microsoft project plan importing/exporting. QuickPlan Pro fine-tunes the best features of Microsoft Project Plan(MPP) and repurposes them for the iPad – without the complexity – with INTUITIVENESS and SIMPLICITY you know and love.


QuickPlan Pro, is THE easy to use project planning app for iPad. NATURAL GESTURE use makes project maintenance easier, faster and more efficient than ever before. It is a breakthrough design. Visualize, maintain and simplify projects on Gantt charts, lay out tasks, arrange your project calendar with resources and track task status – all at your fingertips with a minimum of effort and learning.

iPad 5

Projects can be shared as Image, Excel and PDF – plus synchronized across multiple devices and teams AND integrated with Microsoft Project Plan – via AirDrop, Email, iCloud, Dropbox, Box and iTunes. Also QuickPlan supports to import project from MS project and Mindmap files.

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Make goal and performance management as mobile as you are with the GoalMaster universal app! The simple app that makes you more productive, to set and submit goals, update goal result and do assessment for individual and for team, for work and life, to share goal documents across you devices, AND across team members for team performance management.


Goal setting is the key to all success – for business management, people management, project management and individual development. GoalMaster provides a very detailed form to help you set SMART goals, you can maintain goals in a grid list, and GoalMaster will show you these goals in a slideshow mode for presentation and updating, helping you subconsciously think of ways to achieve your goals. (SMARG : Specific, Measurable,Assignable,Realistic and Time-related)

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GoalMaster keeps your goals organised and stay on track, the app supports to update goal status and goal result, and supports to do assessment by rating result and writing comments.

GoalMaster supports to merge received goals based on the simple sharing via Email, Airdrop and Dropbox – for team goal collaboration without the investment and future cost of server infrastructure. Also goal documents can be shared across your devices via iCloud.




Work Breakdown Structure(WBS) management on outline and chart views, to layout work packages and update estimate; to import work elements from MS excel; to export WBS as PDF, Excel and images files, AND export as project plan file.

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WBS is a hierarchical and incremental decomposition of the project into phases, deliverables and work packages. It is a tree structure, which shows a subdivision of effort required to achieve an objective, for example a program, project and contract.

Mobilinked WBS, is THE easy to use WBS management app for the iPad. Natural gestures use on a clean user interface makes WBS maintenance easier, faster and more efficient than ever before. Visualize and simplify WBS on outline and graphics chart views, divide work elements, sketch out labor cost, materials cost and total cost of each elements (and automatically adds the costs up the element hierarchy) – with supports of continuous inputting and batch inputing.

iPad 1

WBS can be synchronized across multiple devices and teams, via Email, Airdrop and third party cloud apps, plus exported as image, Excel and PDF files, AND Exported as project plan to QuickPlan, WBS supports continuos and batch work elements inputting, And supports to import work elements from MS Excel file

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Simplify organization chart maintenance, exporting and sharing.


OrgChart is designed for easy the creation of organization chart by avoiding complex drawing, Visualize, maintain and simplify organization units on a tree structure, without the complexity of drawing hassles – OrgChart automatically draws them. Simply enter an item and the maintenance panel will helps to customize unit color, shape, size, text visibility and layout – bring INTUITIVE and discoverable organization chart maintenance experience to users. An option for the tree structure organization chart.

Importing from iOS contacts AND batch inputing use make the organization units inputing easier, faster and more efficient. Organization charts can be exported as Image and PDF files, with more exporting options. Organization chart also can be shared to other devices, via Email, Airdrop and third part cloud apps.

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